Surveillance, body cam shows Martinez police fatally shooting suspect near a cannabis dispensary

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The Martinez Police Department released bodycam footage on Thursday of a fatal police shooting that happened in August.

On Aug. 18, four officers fired their weapons, killing one person. The shooting happened outside a cannabis dispensary called Velvet, located at 4808 Sunrise Drive, that police said was the target of an attempted burglary.

Police released three bodycam videos. The camera belonging to the fourth officer was not turned on until five minutes after the shooting, police said.

On each bodycam video, approximately 30 seconds are muted. The sound appears to come on after the shots are fired. One of the bodycam videos can be seen using the video player above. Links to the other videos, which also include surveillance video from the dispensary.

“The first 30 seconds of each body worn camera video is a pre-event buffer and does not have audio. The pre-event buffer captures 30 seconds of video (without audio) before the camera is activated,” Martinez police said.

The suspect who officers shot at was driving a blue Infiniti that police said was stolen in Livermore on Aug. 12. A loaded gun was found in the passenger’s area of the car, per MPD. The gun was bought in Arizona in January and is linked to an Oakland shooting that happened on April 27.

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