Body cam shows officers entering a home to save a family after the apartment is filled with smoke

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Police body cam footage shows two village police officers entering a home at 3121 Rosalie Parkway in Plover on Aug. 20 to save a family after an apartment filled with smoke.

Metro Fire crews — departments from Plover, Stevens Point, and Hull — were called to the apartment complex at 7:45 a.m. on Aug. 20 when a neighbor called 911 to report smoke from another residence.

According to the incident report, Officers Kyle Jolin and Ted Helm were the first on the scene. Upon arrival, they observed smoke coming from the windows in the rear of the building, but were unable to gain entry. After kicking in the door, they found a woman and two children asleep in the home, which was full of smoke.

One officer found the source of the smoke: a pan containing cooking oil had been left on the stove, with one burner still on. The woman told officers she last remembered using the stove the night before when she cooked dinner for her children.

There was no fire, and responding crews said no one was injured.

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