Bodycam video shows on-duty Miami-Dade detective losing balance during DUI arrest

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Body camera video shows a veteran Miami-Dade Police officer getting arrested back in March after records show he drove a work SUV drunk and crashed into his colleague's marked police car while on-duty.

Officer Victor Montalvo, 43, is facing two traffic criminal citations. Montalvo, who pleaded not guilty to the two traffic tickets, allegedly told police on scene that he “drank too much.”

One video obtained by NBC6 overall shows Montalvo was calm. At one point, he was lying on the ground surrounded by officers. His police gun is seen on the ground, far away, near the cop car he struck.

“Secure that,” an officer is heard telling another colleague on the scene, referring to Montalvo’s gun on the ground.

According to Miami-Dade Police, Montalvo was on duty and driving west on Southwest 72nd Street in an unmarked Ford Explorer SUV when he rear-ended an occupied and marked police vehicle on the same street.

The other officer was assisting a traffic marking crew and had all emergency equipment activated, an arrest report said.

After the crash, Montalvo "unsteadily" got out of the SUV as the other officer checked on the work crew.

Montalvo lost his balance while trying to sit on the curb. At one point, he allegedly spontaneously stated, "I drank too much," the report said.

A short time later, the other officer watched as Montalvo reached into the front of his waistband and "draw a semi-automatic firearm, and take what appeared to be a low-ready, prone, tactical-type position with what appeared to be a dazed or confused look on his face," the report said.

The body camera video obtained by NBC6 picks up after several officers arrived on scene.

At one point, Montalvo lost his balance when ordered to sit on the street curb.

The video shows another officer asking him about his weapon and what unit within the Miami-Dade Police Department he worked for.

“Cybercrimes,” Montalvo is heard saying.

“Detective Victor Montalvo has served the Miami-Dade community for 24+ years. His service has always been exemplary," Montalvo’s attorney, Mark Lefcourt, told NBC6. "Despite his lengthy career, detective Montalvo has never faced any discipline or negative feedback from any of his supervisors, his peers or community members."

Miami-Dade Police said Montalvo was relieved of duty.

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