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1. Donations help Michael Campbell, with his mission of helping others, Thank you for your support! I mentioned thanking you because beautiful people are working together to make the world a better place. If you know my name, you understand why I am asking for a donation from people worldwide. Let me explain my situation and what I want to do with the donation. I stand up for my humans right here in America, and my life takes a turn for the worst. To save myself and the whole human population, I exposed the home government  stealing everything from the public online business. Wrongly, the government enacted a stop-lockdown order that caused all the flow of my income to stop and be taken away.

My living conditions are really bad. I sleep on the train.


2. Help Michael Campbell continue his work to help others by donating today. Every little bit counts.


3. Support Michael Campbell's important work by donating today! Your donation will help him provide assistance to those in need and himself.


4. The system controls the program on the web. If the people in the public decide to give me a donation, my account is not going to receive it. I am using my PayPal account to collect what you can give. I think it is better to send it by Western Union money order. Text me the number here. 1-332-200-2088



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