What NOT to Do in the Humping Around Young Age Realatship

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A loving look at a subject that I thought I'd grown out of... until I had kids.

When I was growing up in Jamaica, Queens, New York, I learned a lot from

The people are African American and Jamaican. when you are a teenager.

You think you know all the reasons for that. We think we can control it.

All the flow of life when you are in high school or college Many of us

As we grow up and experience more of that, we fall more in love and break up.

sad kissing over and out.

I had a lot of fun as a kid growing up in the American Ghetto. I had a lot of freedom, and I could do whatever I wanted. This is a story about how I learned to be responsible, have fun, and not do anything I might regret. Later on in my adult life, because as you get older, all the young lovers you used to have, if you did them wrong, will remember that moment like their first and last name.

This is a post about growing up in the 80s and 90s. A lot of people will be surprised by some of the things I talk about. You'll also see that I'm very outspoken. I think it's important to be aware of all the parts.

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