Bodycam video shows peacock, goat leading North Texas officers on wild chase

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Officers from the Irving Police Department thought they were being pranked on April Fool's Day after they were called to handle a situation involving a peacock and a goat on Monday afternoon.

The agency stated that one of its law enforcement officers, Officer Turner, had been patrolling the city all morning on April 1 until he received dispatches about a goat running loose along Highway 183 and a peacock trotting through a neighborhood.

The goat fell off a trailer, ended up on the highway, and navigated through shopping centers. Authorities temporarily shut down the highway before finally wrangling the goat and getting it to safety.

"She gave everyone a run for their money that day," said Brittany Polk, a senior officer at Irving Animal Services.

Irving Police shared bodycam footage of both chases on their Facebook page, stating, "Officer Turner didn't think twice about helping."

In a separate situation, Irving officers were busy chasing down an injured peacock on the run in a neighborhood.

Police captured the vibrant bird in a residential backyard. The peacock's severe leg injury necessitated immediate medical attention, so it was taken to a wildlife rehabilitation clinic in Southlake.

Irving Animal Services told NBC 5 that Dallas County animal services officers picked up the goat because their agency lacks the proper livestock setup.

As for the peacock, it was moved to another site to be treated appropriately for its injuries.

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