Who said alligators can't fly?

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They asked for a good video - I have it.

Briefly about the situation.
The paratroopers are to capture one of the Ukrainian military airfields, the soldiers are defending the Ka-52 'Alligator' (NATO - 'Hokum B') and the Mi-24 'Crocodile' (NATO - 'Hind'). Work was immediately carried out to eliminate firing points with MANPADS. Ukrainian armored vehicles covering the perimeter of a military facility were also destroyed by attack helicopters.

Several Ukrainian soldiers armed with MANPADS hid behind civilian vehicles. Their positions have been revealed. At the same time, one of the Ka-52 helicopters was under intense fire from portable systems. The commander decided to cover the Mi-8 transport helicopter (NATO - 'Hip'), which was landing tactical troops, with his car.

The Ka-52 received 18 strikes from MANPADS and anti-aircraft guns. As a result, the car made an emergency landing and the crew entered into battle with the Ukrainian armed formations, and did not leave it until the arrival of the second strike group of army aviation. As a result, the Ukrainian armed groups were destroyed.
The operation was completed without any losses on the Russian side.

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