A bad experience will make your addiction go away ( find a way to not have a good experience while your doing your addiction )

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i seemingly stopped a #gambling problem i had for over 14 years??? I would spend my last dollar on a scratch off #lottery ticket, rather than buy some food, or pay my rent when the gambling problem first started many years ago. the problem became so bad that i lost friends, family, and even myself over the years, including apartments that I use to lease. the gambling problem carried over to the #casinos I went to in the inner city.. then I quit going to casinos overnight, and I never came back to any casino at all, dealing with the bad energy in the place., i #chose ( #jigsaw #voice ) no to ever come back again.. the first step to a #gamblingaddicton ( #gamblingaddictionawareness ) is to #admit that you have a problem. I found out over the year that the best way to stop an addiction is to ( #topsecret ) develope a bad #feeling while you are doing your addiction. I started to have a bad experience every time I would go to casinos, so I #quit going overnight a few days ago, I would go almost every day. the only reason that I would gamble, or do any addiction I had, is because of the #pleasant experience I had while I was doing my addiction. once I felt bad while doing my addiction, I quit, just like I quit smoking, over 8 years ago. smoking made me feel sick, so I quit smoking . FIND A WAY TO MAKE YOUR ADDICTION A BAD EXPERIENCE, YOUR NOT GOING TO BE ADDICTED TO SOMETHING THAT MAKES YOU FEEL BAD... HOW COULD YOU BE ADDICTED TO SOMETHING THAT CAUSE YOU PAIN???

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