Helicopter, bodycam shows armed robbery suspects in Chino being arrested after pursuit

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Three suspects allegedly responsible for multiple armed robberies in San Bernardino County are in custody after a vehicle pursuit and a foot chase last month, authorities announced Monday.

The March 12 incident occurred as detectives with the Chino Police Department were following up on an armed robbery investigation and successfully tracked down a vehicle associated with the case, according to a CPD news release.

Authorities requested additional ground units and air support to help with the arrest. When the suspects refused to pull over, a vehicle pursuit was initiated. During the chase, one of the suspects exited the vehicle, discarded a gun and attempted to run.

Video of the pursuit captured from the air shows the suspects attempting to evade police in a white-colored vehicle when the driver pulls over and the suspect jumps out. He can be seen scaling a nearby fence and dropping into the parking lot of an apartment complex.

As the chopper’s camera follows, the suspect was seen trying to stash the gun on the patio of one of the apartments before eventually being apprehended by officers on foot.

“With the assistance of one of our K9’s and Ontario Police Air Support, the suspects were apprehended, the firearm was located, property taken from the robbery was recovered,” police said.

No information on the identity of the three suspects was provided or exactly what felony charges they are facing.

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