Aerial footage shows giant ferry docking at Holyhead in Wales, then unloading cars and lorries from Ireland

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Irish Ferries Ulysses arrives at Holyhead Port from Dublin. When launched in September 2000, the £80 million ship was the world's largest car ferry by vehicle capacity. It stands over 50 metres tall, is 210 metres long and weighs almost 51,000 tonnes.

With a top speed of 41km/h, the journey across the Irish Sea currently takes
just over three hours and carries up to 2,000 passengers and crew along with 1,342 cars or 241 articulated lorries. Four 7,800KW diesel engines provide a total of 41,800 horsepower.

Docking is a slow process, and despite how slow it appears, the video has actually been progressively sped up between 150% and 200%.

In the second half of the video, filmed around 20 minutes later, a solid stream of traffic can be seen leaving the ferry and winding its way around Holyhead Port. Meanwhile, a second ferry, the Stena Adventurer can be seen in the background as it prepares to dock alongside the Ulysses.

The endless convoy of cars and lorries proceeds into the town of Holyhead, across the railway line and onto the A 55 Expressway. Most will then continue onto the island of Anglesey, before crossing the Menai Strait onto the mainland and heading along the North Wales coast, crossing the English border around two hours later.

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