Bodycam footage shows knife attack on officers as man is convicted of attempted murder

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A man has been convicted of attempted murder after stabbing two police officers on patrol in the West End.

Both suffered serious injuries after they responded to a man in possession of a knife, Kingston Crown Court heard.

Dramatic bodycam footage, released by the Met, shows how the police chase unfolded on foot through the streets.

A disturbing image also shows the arm of one officer soaked in blood.

The officers were dealing with an incident in Shaftesbury Avenue when a member of the public said thay had been robbed of a phone and power bank.

A member of the public had just been robbed of a phone powerbank in Shaftsbury Avenue.

He told officers he had been approached by a man who demanded his phone.

The suspect was still hanging around the area and the two female officers approached him, the court was told.

Mohammed Rahman, 25, lunged at them with a blade during the incident at 6am on September 16, 2022.

Two more officers arrived, responding to the urgent calls for assistance, but when they tried to arrest the suspect, he stabbed one of the female officers.

The stab wound was to her right upper arm and cut through the muscle down to the bone.

Repeated attempts were made to detain the man, but his level of violence towards the officers meant that further officers were needed.

When further officers arrived, they tried to arrest him, but he then stabbed a male officer, causing serious injuries.

This officer received five stab wounds to his head, arm and chest. The most serious was a wound to his chest which punctured a lung. It was only through the work of paramedics that the chest injury did not have more serious consequences.

A third officer received a slight wound to his finger, which, although it caused significant bleeding, was not as serious.

Rahman was convicted of the robbery involving the member of the public as well as attempted murder of police officers.

Chief Superintendent Louise Puddefoot, in charge of policing in Westminster, said: “Our colleagues almost certainly would have suffered more serious injuries that could have ended their careers, or worse, taken their lives, had it not been for the incredible support provided by their colleagues.

“The initial first aid provided by officers from Specialist Firearms Command (MO19) proved vital and may have saved the life of one of the officers.

“The incident that led to today’s conviction is an important reminder of the bravery and selflessness of police officers; and highlights their willingness to face danger in order to protect others, something that takes place across London on a daily basis.

“I have nothing but admiration for all of my colleagues who were involved. My thoughts are also with their families – who will have suffered when told the news that morning – and who have supported their recovery and continue to support them as they go back to work.

“Our two colleagues who were seriously injured had been in the Met for only a couple of years, but they exemplify the courage that often goes unnoticed. They have only recently returned to duties, and we will continue to provide them with as much assistance as possible.

“It is clear that Rahman posed a serious threat to the public. He was carrying a knife and did not hesitate to use it.

“I would also like to thank our colleagues in the Specialist Crime Command who led the subsequent investigation and continue to engage with us throughout. The actions of all of the officers involved, from the initial response, to putting evidence before a jury, have helped to take a dangerous man off the streets for what I hope will be a significant amount of time.”

Rahman will sentenced on Friday, 8 December.

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