Birmingham officer punches and knocks out suspect who spat on a person and officer

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The Birmingham Police Department released bodycam footage of a recent arrest Friday.

The police department said the incident happened Wednesday after officers responded to a report of a disorderly person in Underwood Park, located on 10th Avenue South.

Four officers responded to two separate locations in relation to the call.

Police said two of the officers came across a man who said that while he was walking in the park, he was approached by a man who spit on him.

While the officers were gathering more information to make a report, police said the second set of officers saw a man who matched the clothing description of the person the man said spit on him.

When the officers approached the man suspected of the spitting, who police identified as 28-year-old Theodore Williams, of Irondale. Police said Williams fled on foot. The first set of officers got into their patrol car and drove until they came across Williams, who fled in the 2300 block of 10th Avenue South.

Once one of the officers approached Williams, police said Williams told the officer that he would "physically assault" him, then proceeded to strike the officer with a closed fist.

Williams fled again, and a chase began. Police said the other officer deployed his taser, but it was unsuccessful.

Police said Williams eventually stopped in the 2200 block of Magnolia Avenue.

Police said Williams turned to face the officer and was told to turn back around and place his hands behind his back. Police said Williams refused and spit on the officer.

Williams was taken to the ground by the officer, and police said the officer struck Williams multiple times with a closed fist. Williams was then handcuffed and later treated by Birmingham Fire and Rescue.

Police said there were no serious injuries to any of the officers or Williams.

Williams was still taken to the hospital to be checked per the police department's excessive force policy. He was later taken to the Birmingham City Jail, where he is still in custody.

Williams was charged with assault with bodily fluids, physical harassment, resisting arrest, and disorderly conduct.

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