Video shows chase that ended in officers fatally shooting knife-wielding man in Sacramento County

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Body camera footage was released Tuesday by the Sacramento County Sheriff’s Office of the man armed with a knife who was shot and killed by deputies following a chase in early November.

The man, identified as 36-year-old Zachary Wolffscott, of Oakland, led deputies on a chase on Interstate 80 that left an uninvolved motorcyclist hit during the pursuit.

The chase began Nov. 5 at Norwood Avenue and ended on I-80 near Greenback Lane around 12:20 p.m.

A video released by the sheriff’s office shows the perspective of a California Highway Patrol officer who was aiding in the chase.

In that video, someone on the officer's radio is heard saying that the suspect is approaching Greenback Lane at 122 mph.

The suspect’s vehicle is then seen hitting a nearby motorcyclist on his right side before crossing several lanes of traffic and crashing into the right shoulder of I-80.

Body camera footage from the K9 sheriff’s deputy at the scene shows that deputy pulling over to help the motorcyclist lying on the roadway who was hit by Wolffscott.

That deputy is then seen pulling out his gun while yelling commands to Wolffscott, telling him to remain in his vehicle and threatening to release his K9 on him.

The K9 deputy’s in-car camera then shows Wolffscott ignoring the deputy's commands and pulling out what looks like a knife with his right hand while appearing to skip toward the motorcyclist lying on the ground.

In-car camera video then shows the K9 deputy firing his gun at the suspect twice. Wolffscott is seen falling onto the roadway, and the deputy is heard telling him to drop the knife.

Wolffscott is seen getting back up with the knife in hand as he appears to lunge at and attempt to stab the motorcyclist lying on the ground.

The K9 deputy fired four more shots, a CHP motorcycle officer fired three rounds, and a CHP patrol officer fired one round, the sheriff’s office said.

Wolffscott was taken to a nearby hospital and later pronounced dead. The motorcyclist was also taken to the hospital and survived his injuries, sheriff’s officials said.

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