Memphis police released footage of a car chase before a deadly shooting of Jaylin McKenize in 2022

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Newly released footage of the fatal encounter between 20-year-old Jaylin McKenzie and Memphis police indicates McKenzie fired a weapon during a foot chase before he was shot and killed by Memphis police in December 2022.

What is less clear, is whether McKenzie was the first person to fire a weapon.

Three videos from a combination of dashboard cameras and body-worn cameras show the events immediately before McKenzie was shot, first through dash camera footage showing what was initially a car chase, which gave way to a foot chase, with two officers trailing McKenzie.

In a key portion of body-worn camera footage, two officers can be seen chasing McKenzie through a Parkway Village neighborhood on Dec. 16, 2022.

One officer is closer to McKenzie, and as the officer closes in on the gap between himself and McKenzie, several shots are heard. The video is dark, due to the late hour, and the footage makes it difficult to see exactly what happened.

Though the quality of the footage makes it difficult to see who fired shots initially — McKenzie or a Memphis police officer — an accompanying summary released by Shelby County District Attorney Steve Mulroy’s office along with the videos indicates McKenzie fired at least some of the shots.

Following the shooting, both officers approach McKenzie after the shots are fired, as he lies against the curb of the sidewalk. A firearm is seen in McKenzie's possession, tucked against the side of his body.

Though officers rendered aid and called an ambulance, McKenzie passed away at the scene of the shooting.

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