'Bogwarts': Woman transforms toilet into Harry Potter-themed wonderland

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A thrifty Harry Potter enthusiast has transformed her downstairs toilet into a magical “room of requirement", aptly dubbed "Bogwarts", with just £12, complete with glow in the dark wallpaper and its very own broomstick.

Claire Stephanie Riley, 40, from Wigan, who works as a cleaner at the Royal Mail, transformed the small loo into a wizarding space with the help of her partner Jamie, 41.

The pair decided to embark on the project in an effort to make the home they bought two years ago "about the things we love."

Just like Hogwarts, the tiny bathroom features magical knick-knacks from top-to-bottom, even showcasing the Marauder's Map on the walls to ensure occupants get their 'mischief managed'.

In the room, Claire, who also owns a dog grooming business, showcases her collection of wands, newspaper clippings from the movie franchise and miniature buildings from the fantasy world that she has collected over the years.

Even the soap and hand towels are Harry Potter-themed, with cuddly Harry and Hedwig toys looking back at you from the heated towel rail.

“I have always loved Harry Potter from the beginning," she said.

"It's just so magical it takes you to another world.

“Bogwarts came about when I found the Harry Potter wallpaper in B&M.

"Not only is our downstairs loo done in Harry Potter but also our hallway that leads to it.

“My partner Jamie and I moved in around two years ago and we decided to make our home about things we love.

“We don't have any children, this is all for us... but when my friends come they love it… say it's their favourite place to go to the loo in.

“We were having the house completely done up and we just thought for the downstairs loo and hallway it would be fun and we just came up with the name Bogwarts.

“Lots more have been added over the months, more wands and other bits... it's something you can add on to as you go along.”

Claire also got to work decoupaging her toilet roll holder with a different Harry Potter wallpaper and playing cards that she had lying around the home.

Additionally, she put together a 3D collage of film memorabilia, including a ‘Howler’ – the talking letter from the franchise – and a ‘dark mark sign’ from hama beads, which is glued to the sink unit.

Those with arachnophobia may want to avoid Bogwarts though, as there's also a giant model of the film's spider Aragog.

Claire added: “I made the toilet roll holder from bits of wallpaper we had left and Harry Potter playing cards and a few Harry Potter bits I had collected along the way.

“I also made the 3D Harry Potter collage that hangs in the bathroom.

"The shelves are from IKEA and are great for putting things on and hanging other bits off.

“The rest of the bits are what I have picked up and found along the way.”

And it’s not just the bathroom that has been given a theme – other rooms in the house are decorated with inspiration from Disney, Game of Thrones, and 70s cartoons.

Claire encourages others to “decorate your home the way you want it, even if it's out of the box, have some fun with it."

She added: “What's the point in being boring, our next project is 80s and 90s films up the stairs and landing.”

Social media users have praised Claire’s DIY job, with one person saying they "love it" while another commended her on the "amazing job."

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