Investigators release body cam clip from July 10 officer-involved shooting

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Investigators have released body cam footage of the July 10 officer-involved shooting near Moses Lake.

The video is from the initial contact between Grant County deputy Tyson Voss and the suspect, Robert Gwinn, according to the Central Basin Investigative Team.

Investigators say Voss’ camera was activated as he attempted to stop Gwinn before Gwinn pulled into a driveway on Stratford Road Northeast.

Voss can be heard over the radio saying “shots fired” as he slows near the driveway. Multiple gunshots can be heard before Voss exited his patrol vehicle. Gwinn then allegedly fires more shots and Voss returned fire.

Gwinn then runs off and jumps a fence into a nearby property where he is accused of entering a shop and firing another shot. Investigators say Gwinn entered a home, took a set of keys to a Jeep, which he then stole. Voss again fired shots as Gwinn as he entered the Jeep and drove off.

Moses Lake police performed a PIT maneuver on the Jeep on Road 7 Northeast, causing the Jeep to spin and roll. Gwinn was taken into custody for a gunshot wound and injuries from the collision. He has since been booked into jail for first-degree attempted murder, first-degree assault, first-degree burglary and first-degree unlawful possession of a firearm, along with outstanding felony warrants.

Investigators have recovered the firearm allegedly used by Gwinn. The gun, a 9mm handgun, was reportedly found in the Jeep. The firearm reportedly matches the firearm Gwinn was seen carrying in home surveillance video.

Investigators continue to interview potential witnesses and plan to forward evidence to the Washington State Patrol Crime Lab.

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