Bodycam shows arrest of Registered Violent Sexual Predator in Port Orange

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In a significant development for public safety, registered violent sexual predator Sean Gary Hendershot (DOB: 03/16/1966) was arrested on January 29, 2024, in Port Orange, following a vigilant traffic stop by Officer Reahl. The arrest occurred at 207 Dunlawton Ave, near the 7-eleven gas station, and marks a critical effort by local law enforcement in tracking and apprehending high-risk individuals.

The events leading to Hendershot's arrest began at 11:49 am on the same day, when an automated license plate reader issued a Be-On-the-Lookout (BOLO) for a white, older model Lexus traveling southbound on Ridgewood Ave., near the intersection with Dunlawton Ave. The vehicle's owner, identified as Hendershot, had an open warrant for "failure of a sex offender to report vacating a residence" issued from St. Lucie County with full extradition.

Officer Reahl responded swiftly to the BOLO, locating the suspect vehicle and its driver, who matched the description of the wanted person, at the gas pumps of the 7-eleven. Upon being approached, Hendershot attempted to mislead Officer Reahl by providing a false name. His attempt to flee on foot was promptly foiled as he was quickly apprehended by the officer.

Further investigation revealed that Hendershot had multiple outstanding warrants from both St. Lucie and Dixie County related to violations of sexual offender probation, specifically for failing to report a change of residence. In addition to the existing warrants, he was charged with providing a false name and resisting arrest.

Officer Reahl's alertness and determination were crucial in this arrest, effectively preventing a known violent sexual predator from evading law enforcement and posing a potential threat to the community. The Port Orange Police Department has reiterated its commitment to aggressively pursuing criminals, especially those who pose a danger to others.

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