UK talk show viewers left baffled by woman's confession of her relationship with a GHOST

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A woman has stunned "This Morning" viewers with her confession of having a romantic relationship with a "jealous ghost" called Edwardo.

Brocarde, 38, a singer and songwriter from Oxfordshire, connected with the ghost one evening when he revealed himself during a thunderstorm as she was struggling to sleep.

Describing her unusual romance to hosts Alison Hammond and Dermot O'Leary, she said: "I was sort of taking myself back to a time before this happened and if someone said I'm in love with a ghost, I've been visited by this spirit... I can understand if people are sceptical."

The moment she met Edwardo was emotional, triggering a physical reaction.

"It was alarming at the beginning because I didn't know what was happening," the singer said, describing how she felt a "burning sensation in her heart out of nowhere".

The show left viewers in stitches, with many making jokes on Twitter about what exactly Edwardo had done in that first moment the pair spent together.

"Of course it was thundering and lighting when the ghostly s*it happened. And the weird occurrence was clearly just a panic attack," suggested someone else.

"#ThisMorning it's called heartburn love," commented another user.

"Eduardo is a beast, turns up as and when he pleases. This world is loopy #ThisMorning," added someone else

Brocarde added: “There’s an excitement in not knowing when they [ghosts] are going to appear.

"As horrifying as this sounds, I’ve noticed he’s always there for me when I truly need him.

“There’s a comfort and a safety that I feel in his presence, like I can truly be myself and he has really deeply touched me.

“We have candlelit dinners where he communicates by making the flame flicker.

"Sometimes he gets really angry and blows the candle out.

“He’s quite temperamental and when I question his existence or ask him to prove himself, he really hates it.

"He’ll blow the candle out and leave me in darkness.

“When I try to re-light it, it won’t ignite, he’ll just disappear – I get ghosted by a ghost.

“Days later I’ll notice love hearts in the steam on the shower.”

Brocarde’s music has been inspired by the unusual love affair, but her supernatural sweetheart doesn’t want her to lift the lid on their romance through her songs.

She said: “The lyrics to my song ‘Love Me ’Til I’m Beautiful’ were inspired by this haunting experience [with Edwardo], but it’s always uncomfortable to talk about those who are on the other side.

“If Edwardo is uncomfortable with the songs and poetry I’m writing, I think he distracts me by unsettling me with his heavy presence – I often have to seek solitude away from him so I don’t change who I am creatively.

“I won’t allow a ghost to silence or change me or dictate what I share with the world.

“I worry that he is possessive as, if I’m writing a song that’s not about him, I’ll find the page ripped out in my notebook.

“We’ve even tried to play chess but he only wanted to touch the queen and then he threw the pieces across the room.”

While she doesn’t want to betray his trust by revealing too much about their sex life, Brocarde describes her lover as “a very powerful force”.

She said: “Our intimate moments are very empowering – he gives spine-tingling orgasms.”

But while she enjoys the unusual arrangement, she isn’t without her worries.

The singer said: “My biggest fear is that he’ll expect too much from me and kill me so I’m a spirit too.

“I love being alive so deep down I know our romance is only fleeting – I’m just waiting for the day that he blows the candle out for good and ghosts me permanently.”

Concerns aside, Brocarde hopes other people will become more open to finding love in the spirit world, just as she has.

She added: “I think people need to be open-minded, physical presence in the traditional sense isn’t necessarily all it’s cracked up to be.

“Many mortals are in relationships where they aren’t actually present and many love those who they can’t be with.

“It’s a difficult thing to get your head around but perhaps some souls never truly pass, and maybe there are ghosts trapped in the afterlife who need love and affection just like living humans.

“It’s a topic that nobody has a definitive answer on – so why assume that we are the only ones here?”

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