Body cam video shows Fond du Lac County deputy curb apartment fire and save dog

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Thanks to a fast-acting officer, an apartment fire was contained, and a dog was reunited with its owner.

On Aug. 31, Fond du Lac County deputy, Jason Bruggink, was on patrol and heard the city of Fond du Lac Fire Rescue dispatched to an apartment fire on Ledgewood Drive.

Knowing he was likely the closest emergency responder to the scene, Deputy Bruggink went to the apartment building and was able to set the fire back with his fire extinguisher.

Two other deputies also arrived at the scene and worked quickly to ensure all occupants of the apartment building were evacuated and accounted for.

When Deputy Bruggink made a second entry in an attempt to put out the fire that spread to the attic, he rescued a dog from a balcony and reunited it with its owner.

When fire crews arrived at the scene, Deputy Bruggink provided specific information about the location and spread of the fire into the attic, as well as other details that allowed firefighters to quickly access and attack the fire, ultimately saving the structure.

According to Fond du Lac Fire/Rescue, had Deputy Bruggink not arrived so quickly and work to set the fire back, the fire likely would have spread and destroyed a much more significant portion of the apartment building.

"Deputies never know what they will face when they start their shift each day, and this is another great example of the proactive work of our deputies to protect life and property and work in collaboration with other emergency response agencies to “get the job done," Fond du Lac County Sheriff Ryan F. Waldschmidt wrote.

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