OKC police release footage of K-9 locating man accused of making bombs at work

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The Oklahoma City Police Department released body camera footage on Wednesday of the K-9, named Bear, who located a man suspected of making bombs at his place of work.

52-year-old Troy Lee was arrested on Dec. 2 at a warehouse on the 3700 block of SW 29th St in southwest Oklahoma City, according to police documents.

The police report included that Lee's boss, Tim Mower, reported to the authorities that Lee had commented that, "the only way to deal with the homeless [was] through violence." Documents allege that the statement came shortly before officers arrested him.

Police shared that they found a stolen handgun, six completed explosives, six other explosives still under assembly, and materials used to make bombs at Lee's work station.

Authorities describe the bombs as improvised explosive devices and pipe bombs — with the sole purpose of killing or injuring others.

According to workplace safety expert and CEO of ProAct Safety Shawn Galloway, Lee's prior convictions should have been a red flag to his employer.

In his view, "Those should have been picked up. I would imagine, again, what I've seen with several well-intended organizations, they're no longer putting those mechanisms in place because they have so many openings."

Lee already had an outstanding warrant in Minnesota at the time of his arrest.

Police documents say his previous felony convictions in Minnesota include terroristic threats, third degree assault, and fleeing from an officer.

"It will become, over the next ten years, a requirement, very likely set by [the Occupational Safety and Health Administration], that we have systems in place to prevent these types of risks from entering into our workplace," shared Galloway.

Lee faces multiple charges related to his arrest in Oklahoma City, including the possession of explosives by a convicted felon, manufacturing an explosive device, possession of a firearm, and receiving and concealing stolen property.

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