Fullerton police fatally shoots a convicted bank robbery suspect holding a fake bomb at Wells Fargo

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Police have released video footage and 911 audio to give the public a closer look at the moments before a deadly officer-involved shooting outside of a Wells Fargo bank in Fullerton last month.
On March 26, officers responded to a bank robbery near Bastanchury Road and Harbor Boulevard.

A bank employee called 911 saying a man, later identified as 57-year-old Scott Thompson, was sitting at a banker's desk holding a bomb in a white box and demanding money.

In the 911 call, the employee said, "He wants $58,000, and we have three minutes to give it to him."

The person added, "He said if he sees anything, he's going to detonate the bomb so if they could not come because he can see out the window on Bastanchury Road."

Sgt. Ryan O'Neil, public information officer for Fullerton Police said, "About 10 minutes into the incident the employee told the officer the bank personnel would be placing $58,000 in a box with DPS written on it and Mr. Thompson would be walking out of the bank shortly after."

"Mr. Thompson exited the bank holding a white box and began walking away from the bank doors. Officers immediately gave him commands to put his hands up and to stop," he said.

Body camera footage from one of the officers showed police yelling commands at Thompson, which he failed to obey.

"Fearing Mr. Thompson may be re-entering the bank with an explosive device and as he neared the bank doors, an officer-involved shooting occurred," Sgt. O'Neil said.

Thompson died at the scene.

Seven employees and one customer made it out of the bank unharmed.

The bomb squad inspected the device and determined it was not a threat.

Sgt. O'Neil said, "He had an extensive criminal history and was on federal probation for armed bank robbery at the time of this incident. Furthermore, he had prior federal convictions for armed bank robbery and escape. And, a state conviction for robbery."

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