Man in custody after shooting super, exchanging fire with police in Queens

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Gunfire broke the morning silence in Woodside, Queens on Wednesday when police say a tenant opened fire on the superintendent of his apartment building, sparking a standoff with police.

Authorities say the incident happened at a complex located at 31-31 54th Street, where, after getting into an argument with his superintendent, the gunman shot the super in the torso before ducking back into his apartment.

Police descended onto the scene and, when confronted by the first of the responding officers, authorities say the suspect exchanged fire with police.

"One of the officers fired three rounds," said Chief of Department Jeffrey Maddrey.

SWAT teams rushed to the block and set up a perimeter as the gunman remained barricaded in his apartment.

Three hours later, another shot was heard from the suspect's apartment, apparently a result of the suspect shooting himself.

"We heard a gunshot from the apartment and with the use of our camera, we saw the male laying on the floor, he was yelling for help," said Chief Maddrey.

The victim, a 48-year-old man, is expected to survive.

The gunman, who has been hospitalized, is said to have a criminal history that is known to the NYPD.

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