Djokovic, as Thick as Mince.

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Like a little boy, Djokovic told Tennis Australia that he was vaccine exempt, so the officials took his word for it and said good for you, they are not responsible for checking at the moment if he lied.
so he was told, "then you can be admitted to play in the tournament". (not cross the border).
djokovic has won nothing in court exept that he was treated unfairly by immigration.
the head of immigration officer MP Alex Hawke has more immigration Yes/No power, than any court in Australia.

1. foreign citizens are not allowed to use a previous covid infection as an entry to cross the border with a visa.
2. novak does not have a vaccine toxic certificate signed by a hospital doctor for exemption over the border.
3. his lifelong vaccination record can be checked in his country by an independent Doctor for vaccine toxicity. (and previous vaccines polio etc).
and a vaccine toxic certificate will, or will not be written.
4. because he lied he has wasted everybody's time on this planet crying like a bitch.
(Lying Djokovic).that is his new name.

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