Weekend Cinema - Dirt Floor Engineering

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interesting to note when he opened the box full of new seals 18:35 he knew which was which without consulting the non existent Manual - Who needs the Manual when you have been brought up on taking apart and rebuilding such units - it becomes second nature to them. Watch the young lads helping the Boss with things and learning the trade at 20:00....there's not many 15 year old lads that have the knowledge and skillset to help rebuild a Caterpillar Grader Transmission Unit.

I like how four or five of them will clean the parts that need cleaning...could you imagine how long this would take a western agent or an Authorised Dealer to undertake - if and when they could fit you min whereas these guys will start on your piece of equipment the very next day - and you won't get a five figure bill either - their rates are really good all things considered.

Look at the way the guy takes apart the hydraulic thingymajig at 32:07+ ...I don't know of any young guy who could do this without supervision or extensive reference to a Manual of some description....he just gets stuck-in. 33:35 there's not many of us who would know how to put this thing back together...

As Usual Caveats Apply: we don't need to hear about the Safety Flip-Flops issue nor the fact they Sound Like Chipmunks etc etc - we're past that.

'You Know The Thing..

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