An Oklahoma County deputy saved a woman's life who was stuck in a vehicle that had caught fire

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The Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office released dramatic body camera footage on Tuesday of a deputy rescuing a woman from a burning car. The car was only seconds from becoming fully engulfed in flames.

Deputy Matthew Yerby did not hesitate to jump into action on Sunday when he saw a car on fire near northwest 178th and Meridian Avenue.

Yerby immediately grabbed his baton and ran to the burning car. The trapped victim could be heard screaming for help on the deputy’s body camera video. The door was jammed shut after the woman crashed on the side of the road and the engine burst into flames. Yerby yelled for the woman to get back so he could bust out the driver’s side window. “He knocks the window out and pulls her out,” said Sheriff Tommie Johnson, Oklahoma County Sheriff’s Office. “Drags her to safety.”

Only seconds before, the car was engulfed in flames. Oklahoma County Sheriff Tommie Johnson hailed Yerby a hero for putting his life in danger to save another. “You just think about how fast and thoughtful on his feet he had to be to get to that positive end conclusion,” said Johnson. “We really celebrate Deputy Yerby for what he did.”

Johnson said deputies often find themselves first on scene and must make critical life or death decisions. In the video, the woman told Yerby her ankle was the only part of her that was injured and that no one else was in the car. The terrified woman begged for Yerby to stay by her side.

Johnson said he was filled with pride after watching the dramatic rescue and his deputy's calm demeanor. “It’s powerful, I mean, the first person you see comes up and saves your life from this vehicle,” said Johnson. “You just can’t thank him enough for his selfless service.”

The Sheriff said the car fire victim had a broken ankle from the crash but no burn injuries from the fire.

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