NYPD bodycam video shows knife wielding man lunging towards police, who fatally shot him inside 7-11

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Newly-released body cam video of a police-involved shooting in the Bronx shows a man armed with a knife lunging toward a police officer who fatally shot him in the aisle of a 7-Eleven convenience store in September.

The incident Sept. 9 unfolded as a clerk at the Throgs Neck store walked next door to the 45th Precinct station house to complain about a suspicious man removing products from behind the store’s counter.

Two officers accompanied the woman on foot back to the store, at East Tremont Ave. and Barkley Ave.

There, the officers confronted Bronx resident Mamady Cisse, 22, who was wearing a hoodie and stood near a cooler with drinks and a Slurpee machine.

“Where are you going?” one of the cops said as Cisse walked toward him. “Where are you going? Take your hands out of your pockets.”

Cisse did not comply. Instead, he took a drag on a cigarette, and put it on a counter near the store’s coffee machines.

The cops backed away as Cisse walked slowly toward them. The video makes clear that when the officers ordered Cisse to take his hands out of his pocket, he held a large kitchen knife in his left hand.

One of the cops pulled his gun out, and repeated his command that Cisse take his hand out of his pocket.

Instead, the video shows, Cisse raised the knife and started running toward the officer.

The officer took Cisse down with one round — and then said: “Oh, Jesus.”

The man lunged at an officer with this knife.
His partner, who also had his gun out of his holster, immediately called a dispatcher on his radio. “Shot fired. Shot fired,” he said.

After the shooting, medics rushed Cisse to Jacobi Medical Center, where he was pronounced dead, cops said

A bloody knife remained on the floor near the store’s entrance hours after the shooting as cops investigated.

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