Suspect in stolen vehicle leads Georgia police on chase, grabs knife after crashing

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Police in Georgia have released video showing what happened when a suspect led officers on a chase on the interstate.

On Thursday, the Cobb County Police Department shared dashcam and bodycam video showing a high-speed chase on I-75 back on May 24.

The chase began, authorities say, after the driver attempted an armed robbery and then stole a pickup truck.

In the video, you can see multiple units pursuing the truck on the interstate.

As traffic becomes congested, the driver of the truck moves to the shoulder of the road and eventually attempts to take an exit ramp.

That's when one of the officers uses his vehicle to ram the suspect's truck, causing it to come to a stop.

Police swarm the area and draw their weapons as the driver tosses his firearm to the ground, but holds a knife to his throat.

The driver eventually discards the knife and lays down on the ground to be handcuffed.

"I just wanted to get away," the crying man is heard saying.

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