American Justice is Laughable

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I just Watched a documentary about five teenagers aged 15 16 17 that broke in to a neighbours house during the daytime in 2012, after banging on the front door and getting no answer, they were looking for cash for booze and drugs, Elkhart Indiana in America.
They were confronted by the elderly home owner who came down from upstairs and shot two of the kids, one aged only 15 in the leg and one of them aged 17 in the heart, (the black kid) who died at the scene.
The crazy BLACK state prosecutor charged the four teenagers with their friends murder, convicted them, and gave three of them 55 years each, and their friend who stood at the roadside as a lookout got 50 years for murder.
215 years between them for burglary.
What kind of justice is that.
Eccentric, god, alien, big foot, angels and ghosts and a downright stupid kind of justiice, that is what that is.
America Deserves their last two loonatic presidents their country is a shambles.
The teenage lads have just had their murder convictions overturned, but because they were never charged with burglary by the thick, crazy, black, stupid ass prosecutor who should be fired, the new judge is having trouble sorting it all out.
I swear i wouldn't live in the usa rent free in a mansion.
And these four kids have served nine years each for some loose change in a botched daylight burglary should be let out of prison time served.
Trump still thinks he is president.
Biden Can't remember if he is president.
Crazy Ass Country.

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