Dashcam show chase from Greenfield into Milwaukee that tops 110 mph, ends with crash

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A 32-year-old Milwaukee man is accused of leading police on a seven-mile chase before crashing and being taken into custody. The accused is Rakim Hogan – who faces the following criminal counts:
* Second-degree recklessly endangering safety
* Attempting to flee or elude an officer
* Possession with intent to deliver controlled substance (cocaine)
* Possession with intent to deliver fentanyl
* Possession of a firearm by a felon
* Sell/possess/use/transport machine gun

According to the criminal complaint, a Greenfield police officer in a marked squad was parked on W. Bottsford Avenue when he spotted an SUV pulled into the Roadway Motel. The officer was in the area due to the motel having "several drug and prostitution-related complaints." The criminal complaint says a woman approached the SUV and appeared to be making some sort of transaction with someone on the passenger side of the vehicle. A short time later, the SUV pulled away from the motel. When the SUV accelerated south towards the entrance to I-894, the officer conducted a traffic stop.

The complaint says there were three people inside the SUV -- including the defendant, who was a passenger in the back seat of the SUV. The officer noted multiple black fanny packs on the floor boards in the back seat of the SUV. Also, a "records check of the driver showed he had a revoked driver's license."

After other officers arrived on the scene to assist in the traffic stop, the people inside the SUV were ordered to step out. The driver and front seat passenger complied. However, the complaint says the defendant (who had been in the back seat) jumped into the front seat. The complaint says the SUV "then accelerated away from the traffic stop at a high rate." A police chase followed.

The criminal complaint says the police chase stretched seven miles and reached a top speed of 113 mph. It ended on N. 25th Street when the defendant lost control of the SUV and crashed into a light pole and metal barrier fence at 25th and State.

Once the SUV crashed and rolled over, an officer spotted the defendant "begin to run northeast from the vehicle through a fenced-in parking lot," the complaint says. Marquette police were able to locate the defendant -- and Hogan was taken into custody.

When police searched the SUV, they saw "in plain view multiple baggies with white chalky substances and white and brown powdery substances," the complaint says. Officers also identified multiple scales and plastic baggies which would be consistent with drug dealing.

The complaint says officers located a firearm underneath the back of the driver's seat. The "firearm was a black Glock 22 with a full magazine and around in the chamber of the firearm. Also on the firearm's slide was a 'switch,'" the complaint says. That switch, according to police, makes pistols fully automatic.

Hogan made his initial appearance in Milwaukee County court on Monday, April 8. Cash bond was set at $30,000.

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