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I don’t know who, when and why made this beautiful animation, but it correctly conveys the essence of the global conflict - there will be no winner.

In one of the comments they said that it was necessary to arrange a 'test battle' between Russian and American planes - guys, such battles have already taken place. Back in 1992, pilots from the Lipetsk Aviation Center paid a friendly visit to the USAF base in Virginia.
In training battles, the task was set - to get away from the pursuit of the enemy and sit on his tail.
The F15 did not manage to get away from the pursuer, nor catch up with him.
In general, something like that ...

By the way, there were real battles for a very long time - but I will mention this a little later in the commentary.

I almost forgot.
Alaska. Yes. XD
In Russia, Alaska is just a meme. )))
Of course, some marginals think that the Russian Emperor leased Alaska for 99 years, but I saw the documents - it is indeed sold.
These documents are on the Internet, and, in my opinion, in the Library of Congress - free online access has been open for a long time.
So, guys, don't tear your heart out - it's just your ice )))

... but we're going to joke about Alaska anyway. ))))))

Happy New Year! I wish everyone happiness!
We are already celebrating.

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