Body cam shows officers arrest thief that was breaking into cars

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On 1/10/23, around 3:54 am, officers responded to a call regarding multiple vehicle break-ins at 594 Wimbledon Rd NE. Upon arrival, officers spoke with a male who witnessed an unknown male suspect rummaging through his neighbor’s vehicle. The suspicious male exited the vehicle holding items that appeared to be a cell phone and a white box, believed to be taken from the vehicle.
The witness provided officers the suspect’s description and direction of travel. Officers canvassed the nearby area and found the suspect casing the parking lot of 1811 Piedmont Ave. Officers immediately detained the male immediately and recovered items believed to be taken from multiple vehicles by the suspect. During the investigation, officers two additional vehicle owners whose vehicles were broken into by the suspect.

The suspect was identified as Daniel Ingram (DOB 6/95) He was charged with Theft from Motor Vehicle, Burglary, and Possession of Narcotics. Ingram was transported to the Fulton County Jail without incident. We want to commend our Zone 2 officers for their swift response to the call and for immediately locating and arresting the suspect. To our City of Atlanta community, please remember to lock your vehicle’s doors and remove all valuables when unattended.

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