Body camera footage released in ambush shooting of LAPD officers in Pico-Union

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0:00 - Intro
0:25 - Police audio
1:27 - Front dash cam
1:47 - Rear dash cam
2:00 - Body cam 1
3:45 - Body cam 1, slo-mo
4:03 - Surveillance video
4:42 - Body cam 2
6:41 - Photos, ending
Body camera footage was released Tuesday of an attack on Los Angeles Police Department officers in Los Angeles' Pico-Union area last month, in which a man randomly walked up to officers' cruiser and started shooting.

It happened back on Aug. 6, around 12:30 p.m. near Kenmore Avenue and Pico Boulevard. The LAPD said that officers were driving in their patrol car along Pico Boulevard when the suspect walked up to the patrol car and started shooting at them.

The shooter was later identified as 29-year-old Jose Delgado of Los Angeles. Delgado tried to run as officers shot back at him. Security footage showed Delgado ditching his gun on Dewey Avenue off of Pico Boulevard. Police said they recovered a semi-automatic pistol, which turned out to be a ghost gun, or an unregistered gun.

Several minutes later, officers found Delgado. Body camera video showed Delgado stopping and trying to fight one of the officers. That's when he was tased. Officers then arrested him. Delgado was hit by gunfire somewhere during the interaction, but wasn't seriously injured.

Delgado is now facing two attempted murder charges for the shooting. Neither of the officers who were shot at were hit, and weren't injured during the chase.

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