Darth Vader yacht is a sight to see for 'Star Wars' fans

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If you're a big fan of Star Wars, we've got great news – you can now marvel at a luxurious yacht inspired by the movie franchise and it's got the makings of being a floating Death Star (minus the weapons and lasers).

Created by Italian specialist manufacturer, Otam, the 53-knot speed yacht had its debut at the Cannes Yachting Festival and is even named after the primary antagonist of the film, Darth Vader.

It is then fitting that the luxury boat has features of its namesake, including the jet fighter dashboard from the iconic star fighter, X-wing with its design and technological detailing.

There's also artwork of the fictional character.

If that wasn't enough to excite any Star Wars fans, there's even a logo of Darth Vader along with his infamous name etched into the back of the boat in the legendary Star Wars gold font.

Even the steering wheel features the face of Darth Vader and as you enter inside, you'd think you were cruising with the Star Wars crew in tow.

The luxurious yacht, which spans 73 ft long, was designed by BG Design firm and comes complete with monochromatic interior along with marbled finishes.

From hidden details such as a Star Wars Archives book placed on the prestigious marbled worktop to the spaceship-themed bedrooms which await downstairs, the boat is out-of-this-world.

There's also a cockpit and salon with sofa seating along the port side, perfect for hosting large groups.

An electric glass screen – which moves up and down – has also been installed to separate the lounge from the cockpit and offer more privacy, and was specifically requested by the owner.

If you’re looking for a place to soak up some lightsaber rays, there’s a comfy sunbed found on the transom tender garage and another found on the foredeck.
Strong attention to detail can be found throughout, such as with the exhaust vents which have been cleverly integrated into the sleek black grilles of the bulwarks and is complete with strip LED lighting, which become a separate design element in its own right.

“The owner himself designed a three-cabin custom layout and he decided not to have a tender garage in order to maximise the beach club area and to optimise the weight for higher performance," Matteo Belardinelli, commercial director for Otam told Jam Press.

“In fact, no two Otam are ever the same.

"This is the uniqueness of the Otam shipyard, that chooses not to limit its customers' options and allows them to build their ideal yacht which reflects their personal needs and aesthetic taste.”

“The design is strongly inspired by the aeronautical world and luxury sports cars,” Giuseppe Bagnardi of BG Design Firm Studio said.

“It was essential to design the new 70-footer by taking into account the proportions and lines that have always distinguished Otam yachts.”

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