‘Best day ever!’: UK girl surprised with favorite puppy of the litter on her birthday

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Heartwarming footage from Loughton, United Kingdom, has captured the moment a girl was surprised with her favorite puppy out of the litter on her birthday. The family’s beloved dog Kiki, had given birth to a litter of eight puppies just eight weeks earlier, which set in motion a plan to surprise Sadie on her eighth birthday.

Initially the family were adamant that they would not be keeping any of the puppies because they already had two dogs in the house. However, after seeing Sadie bond so deeply with her favorite puppy Vivi, they decided to keep her.

Vivi becoming a member of the family was then kept a secret until Sadie’s birthday. Just as Sadie’s birthday celebrations were coming to an end her mother, Krystle Purdy, along with the rest of the family gathered downstairs for the big surprise. Sadie opened the box to discover her favorite puppy from the litter inside. She quickly realised that they were in fact keeping Vivi and was overcome with joy.

Speaking about the video Krystle said: ‘We had a litter of 8 puppies, and we were adamant we weren't keeping any as we already have 2 dogs. But after the love we had for these babies, there was no way we weren’t keeping one. We kept it a secret as they turned 8 weeks on the same day as Sadie’s 8th birthday, so we surprised her with her favorite puppy Vivi.’

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