A man armed with a knife stabbed a church security guard before being shot by police in Queens

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One person was injured in a police-involved shooting in Queens.

It all started around 3:45 p.m. on Thursday, when a woman noticed a man with a knife acting erratically in front of First Presbyterian Church on 164th Street in Jamaica.

She told the church's security guard, who engaged the suspect and was stabbed in the stomach.

When responding officers arrived, they found the suspect with a knife in the adjacent staircase of a church on the property.

The suspect then waved the knife at the officers, who commanded the suspect to drop the knife.

When he didn't comply, the officers fired their guns, hitting the suspect twice, who still didn't drop the weapon until an arriving supervisor used a taser.

"As he's on the ground, he still has the knife in his hands, he doesn't drop the knife," NYPD Chief John Chell said. "The responding supervisor utilize his taser, tell him to drop the knife, after that, the aided renders, and he is removed to an area hospital."

Clarence Morrison, who has lived on the block for more than 20 years, and knew both men, says the suspect has always been calm.

"I do know he had a mental illness, but he was a nice guy," Morrison said. "Never believed after 22 years he would be violent."

The suspect and the stabbing victim were taken to an area hospital. The 50-year-old security guard was in critical condition but is expected to survive. Police commended the guard for his actions to protect the church.

"The actions of the security guard of the church, he did a great job, confronting the male with a knife and stopping this man getting into the location and causing more damage," Chell said.

The suspect remains in stable condition. Charges against him are pending.

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