Dashcam, bodycam video released in officer-involved shooting in Milwaukee followed by a chase

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Milwaukee police released new body and dash camera video of officers opening fire on a suspect. It happened the morning of December 7th, near 51st and Hampton.

According to the Milwaukee Police Department, it started as a traffic stop just after 3:00 in the morning near 91st and Silver Spring Drive. Police say the car was stolen and involved in a prior shooting.

Police said the vehicle drove away at speeds that reached 80 miles per hour. MPD officers said they deployed stop sticks at 68th and Hampton. However, the car continued driving.

Police said the driver crashed at 51st and Hampton. That's when the video shows the two men running in front of the police car. Dash camera video shows one of them holding a gun.

“Drop the gun, drop the gun, drop the gun,” can be heard in the video.

Police then chased after the men into a backyard. After several attempts to get the man to drop the gun, police say the man refused. That's when two officers fired a number of shots.

One neighbor spoke to TMJ4 News the day after the incident about how terrifying the incident was.

"It sounded really close," she said. "I think that was very irresponsible and unsafe because, what if it flew in someone's window? Like it's multiple houses right there and our windows are all like right there."

According to police, Kenneth Brown and Kenneth Rogers were taken into custody. Both had injuries from the incident. They are expected in court this week for preliminary hearings.

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