Pasadena release video of a fatal officer involved shooting of an armed carjacking suspect

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Adam Youines, 35, was shot and killed by Pasadena police after he drove at them in an allegedly stolen vehicle in the parking lot of a strip mall on Orange Grove Boulevard. near the intersection with North Lake Avenue at about 2:25 a.m.

The video shows the carjacking suspect holding a gun to his head.

For eight minutes officers asked the suspect to put down his weapon and surrender peacefully.

The suspect continued to jerk the car forward, and later called the Pasadena Police Department and told a dispatcher he wanted to kill himself and repeatedly asked to be shot.

“Adam are you still there? How can we help you?” the dispatcher asked. The dispatcher later attempted to contact the suspect’s mother.

“I’m done,” he said. “Done. Shoot me, shoot me, shoot me,” he said.

Youines lurched forward in a battered white minivan towards officers, who instantly returned fire.

According to the ruling in the 1997 case, People v. Aguilar, a vehicle can be considered a deadly weapon insofar as it is an instrument that can be used in a way to cause substantial, significant or great bodily injury or death.

The incident is still under investigation. Additional facts and evidence may be discovered and will be reviewed and understanding of the facts in the incident could be changed based on the results of the investigation.

The department conducts criminal and administrative investigations all OIS incidents, which include interviews of witnesses and of the involved officers, eyewitness statements, as well as an analysis of video and forensic evidence,” according to a statement released on Tuesday.

After the criminal investigation is complete, it will be forwarded to the Los Angeles County District Attorney’s Office. A use of force hearing will later commence and the police chief will make a final determination whether the officers involved acted within department policy.

Youines might have been connected to an earlier crash involving a sheriff’s deputy in Rosemead.

Deputies in South El Monte spotted a stolen vehicle at about 1:50 a.m. in the area of Rosemead Boulevard and Garvey Avenue, which triggered a four- minute pursuit that ended on the northbound San Gabriel River (605) Freeway at the San Bernardino (10) Freeway in Baldwin Park, according to a watch commander at the Los Angeles County Sheriff’s Department’s Temple station.

A deputy in a patrol vehicle, en route to assist in the pursuit, was involved in a two-vehicle crash at Rosemead Boulevard and Glendon Way in Rosemead, she said. The deputy suffered minor injuries and was taken to a hospital, where he was expected to be released sometime Saturday.

The motorist in the other vehicle suffered minor injuries and was not hospitalized.

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