Major Earthquake to Hit California Sometime in 2024

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Major Earthquake is on its way for Southern California sometime in 2024 and it will be 7.0 or Greater Magnitude and even 6.0 or Greater Magnitude Earthquake and the 2 Tectonic Plate North American and Pacific Tectonic plates rub at each other once it slips that will cause a Major Earthquake and it will bring down power lines and Snapping tree branches in half and it will Damage or even destroy houses and it will damage Bridges and Freeways in San Francisco Los Angeles Sacramento and San Diego and California lies on the San Andreas Fault line that lies on North American and Pacific tectonic plates and it lies on The Pacific Ring of Fire as well and Everyone in California Start Doing your Earthquake Drills Lock your Dishes in your Cupboards and When the Major Earthquake happens if you are indoors go underneath the Tables and chairs and when you are Outdoors don't go inside the buildings during an Earthquake and it will Knock down Cellular Towers and Have your medical kits emergency kits flashlights candles crank up radio extra batteries generators battery operated Lanterns and bottled water ready as well and have your Earthquake Kits Ready and Mobile Internet Ready. If you have anybody living in Southern California Be Prepared For Major Earthquake sometime in 2024. Take Care and Stay Safe and Don't Get Caught in the Major Snowstorm Stay Safe.

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