Body Cam footage shows Frederick Police shooting knife wielding man

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Body-worn camera footage of a recent deadly police involved shooting in Frederick was released Thursday.

The incident happened March 4 inside an apartment in the 1500 block of N. East Street.

Police were initially called to the location after being tipped off by a neighbor that Joseph Sherrill, 44, was there.

According to the Maryland Attorney General's Office, Sherrill had an open warrant for violating probation.

The video starts with officers and Sherrill's ex-wife speaking at the front door.

Police ask whether Sherrill is inside, for which the woman denies.

The woman tells police about a previous protective order she had against Sherrill, and suggests he's at a local hotel "running around" with another girl.

One officer repeatedly asks the woman for permission to search the home. She declines multiple times, citing distrust of the police.

Only under the threat of being arrested for lying, does the woman finally allow officers inside.

They eventually find Sherrill hiding inside a bedroom closet with a knife.

When ordered to drop the weapon, Sherrill refuses, saying "you're gonna have to shoot me," forcing officers to retreat into the living room.

Things quickly turn chaotic as the ex-wife attempts getting in between Sherrill and the officers. There's also a frightened dog seen pacing around the home.

A second camera angle shows Sherrill entering the hallway, shouting he wasn't going to jail.

With knife-in-hand, Sherrill makes his way around the corner and rapidly into the living room.

Officers Robert Hess and Fahad Mirza react by firing their gun, killing Sherrill.

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