New home's floor collapses in India as floodwaters wash away earth below

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The owners of a newly-built home in South India got an unpleasant surprise when part of their house collapsed because of local flooding.

Video filmed on 1 December showed the floor caved in at the house in Urapakkam area of Tamil Nadu’s Kanchipuram district.

Kumaresan, the owner of the house, said he and his family were taken aback and at a loss when the floor of their living room gave way. Fortunately, the residents were in another room when the incident occurred.

Experts claim that as several buildings have been built over natural drains, the rain water tried to find a different course, washing away sand underneath the building and causing the floor to cave in.

Kumaresan has alleged that a recent illegal construction in the neighbourhood blocked the natural drain close to his house, which diverted the floodwater's path. He also claimed that authorities are not bothered about what is happening in their area.

Chennai and other parts of Tamil Nadu have received excessive rainfall during the northeast monsoon season from October-December.

The districts of Chengalpattu and Kanchipuram have been badly hit by heavy spells of rain over the past few days, leading to flooding in many areas and the evacuation of residents.

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