LAPD release bodycam of stabbing suspect fatally stabbing himself before arrest

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On October 26, 2023, at approximately 3:45 p.m., Central Division uniformed officers were flagged down for a stabbing that occurred at 6th Street and Spring Street. Responding officers discovered a victim of a stabbing on the southwest corner of 6th Street and Spring Street and were subsequently directed to the 4th floor of an apartment building located in the 200 block of West 6th Street, where the suspect was last seen.

As officers arrived at the 4th floor, they encountered an additional victim of a stabbing. Officers determined that the suspect was possibly located in an apartment on the fourth floor.

As a team of officers assembled and conducted a door knock of the apartment, the suspect emerged from the front door, armed with a large kitchen knife, and began to advance toward officers.

Officers subsequently deployed three 40mm Less-Lethal-Launcher (LLL) rounds and discharged three TASER’s in Probe Mode at the suspect, all of which appeared to have a limited or no effect on him. The suspect repeatedly asked the officers to kill him.

After the final TASER Probe was fired at the suspect, he began to stab himself in the abdominal area with his knife.

The suspect fell to the floor and was taken into custody without further incident.

Los Angeles Fire Department paramedics responded to the scene and transported the suspect and the two stabbing victims, by rescue ambulance, to a local hospital. The suspect and one stabbing victim succumbed to their injuries and were pronounced deceased. The additional stabbing victim remains hospitalized and is listed in critical condition.

No officers or other community members were injured as a result of this incident.

A 10-inch fixed blade knife with a blackhandle was recovered and booked as evidence.

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