Dashcam catches the moment a Shelbyville police officer saves a driver from a serious car accident

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Shelbyville police officer Devin Moore is being hailed as a hero after his life-saving efforts were caught on camera.

Moore is a safety officer at a local elementary school. On the morning of Feb. 20, he was driving his patrol car on I-74 near mile marker 121 in Shelbyville on his way into work.

At about 6:30 a.m., he saw a car fly off the road, over a railing and into a nearby ditch.

The car was almost immediately engulfed in flames. Moore quickly pulled over and jumped into action.

When he arrived at the car, he noticed the passenger was unable to extricate himself from the vehicle. Moore cut through the airbags and seatbelt to get him away from the burning car.

He then rescued the driver and got her to safety.

“My job wasn’t over at that time, and I knew the flames were getting larger,” Moore said.

After rescuing the driver, he realized the passenger was unconscious.

Moore is a licensed EMT and worked to save the passenger, but he eventually died due to the injuries he experienced as a result of the incident.

The entire exchange was caught on his dashcam footage.

“There’s no amount of training that an officer can go through at the police academy to fight through flames and smoke,” Moore said. “It was just a matter of, whether it was a police officer or a good Samaritan, getting that person out.”

Moore’s valiant efforts were honored Tuesday when he received the Medal of Valor from his department. The distinction is the highest honor an officer can receive.

“He is a hero,” Shelbyville police chief Bill Dwenger said. “He represented the city, the police department, himself, and the profession more than words can ever say.”

He’s been at the department for about two years and has been in public service for over 20.

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