Stolen vehicle suspect bails in the woods after going over 100 mph, wrong way and a hit-and-run

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Law enforcement officers are searching for a suspect in a stolen truck who is accused of passing and hitting a driver at more than 100 mph, fleeing into Louisiana and running away in a hunting lease.

Vidor Police Chief Rod Carroll says it began at about 9:20 p.m. July 4 when they received a call reporting a hit-and-run accident on Interstate 10 East in Rose City. The suspect was driving a white dually pickup and tried to pass another driver on the left emergency lane, striking the victim's vehicle at more than 100 mph. The victim followed the suspect and called Vidor PD dispatch.

Officers were able to locate the suspect's vehicle in the area of Highway 12 at FM 1132. Officers began pursuing the driver, who stopped in the area of Highway 12 at Evangeline Street. When officers got out of their vehicle, the suspect sped away.

The pursuit resumed eastbound on Highway 12 with speeds in excess of 100 mph. The driver traveled into the westbound lane of Hwy 12 in an active attempt to cause an accident with oncoming traffic, according to Chief Carroll.

The driver continued eastbound on Highway 12 during which Texas DPS and Orange County Sheriff's Office units assisted. The vehicle pursuit continued into Louisiana before turning northbound onto LA 109 in Starks.

The driver sped into a private hunting lease road before the suspect jumped from the vehicle and ran into a heavily wooded hunting lease. Officers searched the area but were unable to locate the suspect.

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