Mischievous dog steals TV remote in attempt to force owner to take him on walk

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This mischievous Staffordshire terrier stole his owner's TV remote in an attempt to go on a walk.

The pet owner based in the UK films as she chases after her pooch who has his jaws clenched on the remote.

She told Newsflare: "Ever since he was a puppy, this silly Staffy has always sabotaged his opportunity to go for walks, without realizing that the delays are his fault.

"When he was a puppy he would steal my shoes and tug with me for ages until I managed to get them back.

"Now that he has reached the terrible twos, my Staffordshire bull terrier or 'Holy Terror' as I call him, knows that I enjoy watching the TV and when he wants to go for his unscheduled walks, he steals the remote.

"In doing this he again sabotages his walks, because it takes me ages to chase him around the house and garden to get back the remote in order that I can control the TV and switch it off so that he can go for the forced walk."

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