Bodycam footage released from NewsNation reporter’s arrest

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Body camera footage obtained by NewsNation shows the moments leading up to the arrest of a NewsNation reporter, including a part of an argument between a member of Ohio’s National Guard and correspondent Evan Lambert.

Lambert was arrested Wednesday in East Palestine, Ohio, after delivering a live news report during NewsNation’s “Rush Hour.” He was told by law enforcement to stop because Ohio Gov. Mike DeWine had started the news conference inside a local school gymnasium regarding a recent train derailment.

The footage shows a man appearing to be Ohio’s commander of the National Guard, Adjutant General Maj. Gen. John C. Harris Jr., arguing with the cameraman as Lambert is delivering the live report.

A state trooper walks behind the cameraman and signals for Lambert to stop talking. When Lambert stops, an argument then ensues between him and the man appearing to be Harris, who at one point shoves a finger in Lambert’s chest.

More police move in to break up the pair and attempt to kick Lambert out of the gymnasium. Lambert tells the officers he intends to stay for the ongoing news conference and says, “I am trying to listen, and he escalated with me.”

Sheriff’s deputies then attempt to forcibly remove Lambert from the gymnasium before tackling him in the foyer to arrest him.

The video, which does not have audio during some parts, comes from the body-worn camera of an officer from the Ohio State Highway Patrol

Law enforcement agencies in statements released Thursday claimed Lambert was disruptive, ignored requests to leave and resisted arrest.

Harris told law enforcement he asked Lambert to stop his live shot, Harris was “…convinced he was prepared to do harm to me,” and reacted by pushing Lambert, according to a statement to police acquired by NewsNation.

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