Bradenton Police officer breaks SUV window to free dog left in hot car

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Officers rescued a dog after it was left in an SUV on a hot summer's day in Bradenton on Monday.

The Bradenton Police Department (BPD) said at around 11:46 a.m., officers responded to reports of a dog in distress, locked in an SUV in 90-degree heat.

Police said it appeared the dog was left in the hot car for quite some time. One of the officers decided to break one of the windows to free the dog, as the temperature inside the vehicle was getting significantly hotter.

Body cam video shows the moment Sgt. Bordin uses a hammer to break the glass and pull the dog out to safety.

"I know, buddy - I'm gonna get you out of there." Sgt. Bordin said. The dog excitedly ran up to the officer once he opened the door.

Police said the dog downed a liter of water before she was taken for a checkup.

Officers were able to find the dog's owner, the BPD said. However, the dog will remain in the custody of Animal Services while the investigation continues.

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