Man with pole arrested, accused of attacking people in San Bernardino

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Authorities arrested a man with a pole accused of assaulting victims in San Bernardino.

Officers responded to reports of the suspect attacking people with a pole and damaging property outside of a liquor shop on the 100 block of East Baseline Street.

Body cam video from a San Bernardino County sheriff’s deputy shows witnesses pointing out the suspect down the street from the shop.

As the officer spots the man walking around with the pole, he pulls over and asks the man to drop the weapon, but the suspect refuses.

He charges toward the officer with the pole at one point, authorities said, before running away, leading the deputy on a foot chase.

As the man enters the liquor shop, he is eventually pinned down on the ground and placed into handcuffs.

Authorities said the suspect had caused visible injuries on the victims he attacked, along with visible damage to property in the area.

It’s unclear what the man’s motive was behind the assaults. He was arrested on multiple felony charges. His identity has not been released.

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