Cheating in a Relationships That'll Keep You Up at Night

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What are the chances of cheating in a relationship? I can think of many reasons why people cheat in a relationship. If you grow up in the ghetto you see a difference sides of 
unfaithful relationships between men and women The question I want to ask you is: who created the rule of relationships? Who was the one that taught the human race how to love? The only thing I can think of is the story of Adam and Eve in the Bible. Do you notice we don't have a regular real reason if a man chooses a woman to be honest with her and choosing another one, she must get upset if she sees him with other women? The whole race of humans is dealing with what they've been given, adjusting to human sexuality relationship rules. Who planted the cheating seed in man and woman's minds? No one knows where in the Bible it says you can't have more than one woman. The Bible mentioned how man and woman must live as husband and wife. That being the case, it also mentioned words like "wedlock." When I read it, it basically said when you are not married on dating and have children out of wedlock, it is a sin. I did my check on that and all it was was the slave rules by holy slavery masters.

Do cheating relationships last? That depends on how honest you are with the person, if they understand what the situation is, and if you let it be known you are in a relationship. If they choose to work your profile programs, it might last. If the person doesn't know you are in a relationship and you have them thinking they are the only ones when they find out, this will cause a war on breakups and upset questions, as it was you again who planted that seed of cheating in our minds. What are the chances of a married couple cheating on each other? How many people cheat on their spouses every day? If a married couple is having an affair, how many of them can make it last for a long time? You do the math.

What cheating means for a relationship People who play the struggle stream street will have a lot of different types of emotional cheating in long distance relationships.
People who work do it differently from people who park on the street. People who work have less time to play and are more likely to get caught by an impending hustler or independent businessman. The way I see the world running on relationships, unfaithful love is in everything. People grow apart, and some just can't be satisfied with what they have.

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