Driver survives crash, fire after I-75 crash after police pulled him out of car

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Police officers in Ohio ran to a man’s rescue after a car crash quickly turned into a vehicle fire on Sept. 26.

According to the Cincinnati Police Department, the wreck happened after the driver crossed two lanes of traffic on I-75 at a high speed and crashed into a concrete wall near the I-74 exit.

Police said the crash was strong enough to cause the car to catch on fire.

Body cam video released on Oct. 4 showed an officer approach the scene after seeing the vehicle begin to erupt into flames.

“Is anybody in the car?” the officer is heard yelling.

The civilians who called 911 told the officer that there was, at which point the officer began running to the car to pull the driver out.

The officer wearing the camera and another police officer pulled the driver out of the burning vehicle as his legs caught on fire.

The driver’s rescuers managed to pat down the fire, saving him. The police department said the car fully burst into flames less than a minute after officers pulled the man from it.

“The driver survived thanks to the quick actions of some Good Samaritans who called 911 and stopped to help,” the department said. “Officers Sharma and Myers were the first on scene and helped pull the driver from the burning car.”

Police said the driver, who did not have a valid driver’s license, suffered serious injuries. He was charged with reckless driving after the incident.

“This could have ended much worse,” Cincinnati police said. “We are urging the public to slow down on both city streets and our interstates.”

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