Chaotic video shows events leading to officer-involved shooting in Salt Lake City

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Body camera video released by Salt Lake City police shows the chaotic moments that led to officers firing at a 37-year-old man earlier this month.

On Nov. 8, the department's Mobile Crisis Outreach Team responded to a home at 900 East and 1700 South just after 11:30 a.m. The team assists officers dealing with those who are experiencing a form of mental crisis.

After arriving at the location, employees with the outreach team spoke with officers about the man, identified as George Gulla, and his recent drug use and prior police interactions.

In the video, a mental health professional can be seen speaking with Gulla as he lays on a bed inside a makeshift room. After several minutes of conversation, Gulla became agitated and leans forward while making a move towards an unseen object, forcing officers to fire multiple rounds towards him.

The mental health professional speaking with Gulla barely moves out of the way before officers open fire.

After shots were fired from the two officers, Gulla can be heard in the background of the body cam video calling for help. The officers are seen rendering assistance to him after the scene has been safely cleared.

Neither of the officers was injured during the incident and police said a weapon was recovered from Gulla's bed.

Gulla is still hospitalized, but is expected to survive. An investigation into the shooting is currently underway.

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